We would appreciate your taking about 8-10 minutes to answer the following questions as honestly as possible. Your individual responses are treated as confidential, and will not become part of your personnel file.

We believe that the information is of vital importance and will assist in analyzing our employee retention and turnover. Thank you for your cooperation!

Which Hillsborough County agency were you employed with?

What prompted you to seek alternative employment?

Before making your decision to leave, did you investigate other options that would enable to you to stay?

If "yes", describe:

What did you think of your supervision in regard to the following:

Demonstrated fair and equal treatment

Provided recognition on the job

Developed cooperation and teamwork

Encouraged/listened to suggestions

Resolved complaints and problems

Followed policies and practices

Provide any comments concerning supervision.

How would you rate the following in relation to your job?

Cooperation within your department

Cooperation with other departments

Communications in your department

Communications within the organization as a whole

Communications between you and your manager

Morale in your department

Job Satisfaction

Training you received

Growth Potential

Provide any comments to share further insights about the above topics

Was your workload usually:

How did you feel about your salary and the employee benefits?

Base Salary

Medical Plan

Dental Plan

Vision Plan

Paid time off

Are there any other benefits you feel should have been offered?

If "yes", what?

Any other comments on benefits?

How frequently did you get performance feedback?

What were your feelings about the performance review process?

How frequently did you have discussions with your manager about career goals?

What did you like most about your job and/or the organization?

What did you like the least about your job and/or company?

What does your new job offer that your job with this company does not?

Why is the new job and/or organization better?

Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Have you raised them in the past?

Would you recommend this organization to a friend as a place to work?

Additional comments about your job or this organization.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey!

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